Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Of Excursions..

Well I am off to Macworld here on the west coast tomorrow, upon which I will be obtaining large quantities of crap.  Or ephemera as some of you may call it.  I will be sending random pieces of Macworld stuff off to those of you who request it.  This will be a grab bag approach.  You never know what you are going to receive.  I have lanyards, bouncy balls, little things that light up, brochures, postcards, little things that no longer light up because I neglected to turn them off, things that go click (pens) and bags.  I have some of those whirly things you spin between your hands and they take off and you go "whoa" and your little ones go "OOOOOooooo" then they go LET ME TRY!!

So, If you are up for grab bag crap fest from macworld 2012 (and earlier).  leave a comment below..


  1. I'm jealous... I've never been to Macworld. I hope you enjoy it! I've always been a Mac lover, but the budget of a young adult with student loans to pay off prevents me from buying many of them.

  2. Remember you don't have to buy the lastest and greatest. I have a Mac Pro G5 I bought in 2002 that is still running today in daily use. Running 10.5. It has finally hit the wall as newer apps require an intel processor but still 10+ years out of any machine is exceptional. If you can swing it I would suggest getting an older intel Mac Pro. Main reason is you can replace/upgrade parts on your own. The main reason I have had that machine running is I have been able to replace failed parts (cd, hard drives and video card - remember it's 10 years old and running 24/7).

  3. Honestly, I had never thought of getting an older machine... I really should look into that! Thanks for the tip!