Monday, December 17, 2012

A Case for Cool Whip

Alright, you may be wondering "huh?"  Cool Whip? Que??

Now that we are in the Holiday seasons (well almost to the end of them at this point) we had an incident at the house yesterday that made me rethink the case for Cool Whip.

Flavors and other..

COOL WHIP Extra Creamy
COOL WHIP Sugar Free
COOL WHIP Season’s Delight Creamy Chocolate
COOL WHIP Season’s Delight French Vanilla
COOL WHIP Season’s Delight Sweet Cinnamon
COOL WHIP Frosting Vanilla
COOL WHIP Frosting Chocolate
COOL WHIP Frosting Cream Cheese

Sugar free could be a good one for our daughter as we are trying to cut down on Kaylee's sugar intake.  Bad enough handing her a piece of pie or a scoop of ice cream and topping it off with another helping of diabetes to boot.

Now wen I was a kid I would put Cool Whip in between 2 Graham Crackers and that would be just fine.  

And when you can make neat stuff like this for Thanksgiving.

Mmm.. Chocolatyish  More sugar please.   See you bring these to the relatives house and pass them out to the kids there BEFORE dinner.  Helps with the crash on the way home.  and HEY  they aren't at your house.

Now what lead to this case for Cool Whip. Back to the "incident" yesterday and the Whip Cream CAN OF DEATH!!

Kim and Kaylee were making some hot chocolate yesterday morning.  All was well with the world.  A calm Sunday morning, women type folk in the kitchen, daddy still attempting to wake up when a blood curdling scream comes from the kitchen.  So what happened?  While holding the can of whipped cream and taking off the cap, the can slipped and landed on Kaylee's foot.

After calming her down, Kim decided they should take a bath.  In hind site this was not a good idea as the hot water raises your blood pressure and makes the problem worse by putting more pressure on the blood clot under the nail making it look like this (see parental handbook on what not to do).

This was taken at the urgent care.  Why? Because Kim wanted to go that's why.  Luckily Kaylee knows what's going on.

See, she points to mommy and said "you did this to me!" (OK not really, but it looks incriminating doesn't it.)

Now the reason for the "Case for Cool Whip"  IF we had been using Cool Whip instead of the can of cream, the tub of cool whip would have bounced off of her foot leaving lots of goodness for the 2 dogs that worship every move she makes.  Yes having dogs in the house make for the ultimate clean up crew.

That's all for now.  Off to procure stock in Cool Whip.


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  1. Cool Whip is awesome, especially the sweet cinnamon. I hope Kaylee is feeling better.