Friday, December 28, 2012

When your loved one is taken down..

Got ya with that one huh.

No I haven't had Kim bumped off.  She recently had some surgery that has put her in suspend mode for a bit.  She is not supposed to lift anything (and if she does I'm gonna rat her out to her doctor).  She is supposed to be walking as much as possible and resting when not.  

So here we have some interesting turns.  We have her set up in our room with everything you could need.  Our electric kettle (tea/coffee) every vitamin know to man it seems as well as her mobile pharmacy and my MacBook.  According to her "this is a little slice of heaven"  (as I hear her now chomping on sunflower seeds).

I am off work for another couple of weeks making sure she doesn't do anything to set her back and end up BACK in surgery to fix something she shouldn't have been doing.  You know.  That little voice in your head telling you "hey, it'll be fine.  It's only a load of laundry"  Next thing you know, your screaming could you please take me to the ER.

Now the BIGGEST challenge is convincing Kaylee to let mama be.  You need to watch mommies tummy.  NO you can't jump on the bed.  Yes, you need to let her sleep.  I think your coughing, here have some Nyquil (JUST KIDDING).  She did get some alone time tonight when Kim's mom came and kidnapped her to the movies.  Good relaxing time.  

So while Kim catches up on every single Lifetime/Hallmark movie available on Netflix, I have managed to almost get caught up on my letters.  So all in all a productive time off.  I however am having fits forcing myself to NOT answer emails from work.  I've been pretty good so far.  Still had to drive to the office to check my incoming mail and check tapes (yes I'm compulsive that way). 

It's funny though.  I write to Limner probably the most and with Kim down and laid out.  I have these visions of limner stuck in bed writing and have this visual of all the crap I have Kim surrounded in :) (Sorry Limner, couldn't resist).



  1. Just dropping by to wish your wife a fast recovery! Tell you wife to take it easy!

    Annie (NJ)

  2. Kim: Take you own sweet time getting up and about. Milk it for all it's worth. Dodson, D. and Ms Kaylee will have lots to do soon enough.

    LOL. Thanks for the nod DD. ;) Poor Kim. Hope she has room to move around.

    I haven't done much since Erin came home. It's been blissful. I still have a handful of Christmas gifts that will henceforth be known as New Year gifts. I found an important envelope beside the headboard last night. It will go out tomorrow, then I am taking the rest of the week off before picking up where I left off.

    Happy New Year!