Friday, December 14, 2012

Free from Poppin

Poppin.  Those Work Happy folks are giving away a free notebook with your order of $10 or more.

Free Notebooks-2

Now I don't know about you folks but I could blow $10 in ANY online store with a single click.

Poppin has some very reasonably priced items that come in a lovely color range. I bought quite a few of these notebooks last year intending to do a review.  That will be happening in the next 2 weeks as I will be home tending to Kim while recovering from surgery.

Some possible gift ideas:

The index binders
The Design a Desk collection
The Red Metal Pen
The Pink Wine + Beer Opener (always a hit around the office this time of year)

Give them a shot if you haven't been by there before.  Kim has of the large pink notebooks and really likes it.  More so than the Moleskine I bought her.


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  1. We in the stamping world call that enabling. There should probably be a comma or two in that sentence. Anyway, thanks for the enabling and I will pop over to and check them out pronto.