Monday, April 15, 2013

Field Notes - America the Beautiful Winners

Before we get to the fine folks that are receiving the packs of notebooks there is a little housekeeping to do.  We have the remainder of the entrants.  I waited until the mail came in today before heading over to for the drawing.

There were 12 entries in all.

First for round 2 of the incoming is from Penny up in the great white north.

up next  there were 2 from Tammy.  REALLY like the stamps you guys have sent in.


From the land of the guy in a REALLY BIG pair of spanx.

And a place where they advertise FREE ICE WATER..  No really free.  No need to purchase an Icee or burrito or nothin.  FREE..

Don't forget Flipper.

And the last person to get in on the giveaway is John - he's new :)  Last piece of mail that came in today.   There isn't anything like seeing a bunch of ladies on a booze run.

so now that we are finished with the entries.  Let's get down to who gets the goodies.

Randall Harris

John Nix

Aimee Soloway

Joan Clarke

That's it.  I'll be sending these out this week.  Hope you all enjoy them.  This is Field Notes first go round on 4 color printing.  I have an account with these folks now so I will be doing these with the colors releases (4 times a year).



  1. Hi Derrick
    I will try to join next time. I am just quite busy on my end.

    Congratulation to the winners!!

    Annie (NJ)

  2. Awesome! I'll be looking forward to my prize!

    BTW, check your email. You have a prize too. :)

    1. Got that, will be getting back to you soon.


  3. Wow, you got some really fun postcards! Thanks for sharing! And congrats to the winners :)

  4. Thanks for hosting another fun give away, Derrick! The cards are awesome and congrats to all the winners :)

    1. You are very welcome. It's always fun to see the different takes on the subject matter.

  5. Replies
    1. YOU are welcome. Getting them out in the next day or so.

  6. Thanks, Derrick! It was fun to see all the postcards!

  7. Awesome contest! Great idea AND you get something out of it as well :)