Saturday, January 28, 2012

Of Catch up time..

Well I have been a busy beaver this week, had a bout of food poisoning over the weekend (that was fun), and then my trip to Macworld in San Francisco.

I have already sent out the first "care package" shown below.  More to follow soon. Have to find out what it "actually" cost me as I just slapped a bunch of stamps on i to make sure it goes through this time.

So on with the show.  I received this one from Gini who decided to go all mid-evil on a travel ad postcard.  Major improvement. (Good Mail Day)

Juli Sent this one, very nice snails and some sausage deco tape on the back. (Good Day Mail)

Laurie sent this one.  She is fast becoming a where do I open the letter at person.  I have enjoyed every letter from her so far.  Not many folks sit down and write in a very calligraphic style.  LOVE THESE LETTERS. (Good Day Mail)

Christy sent in this one stating "I do a lot of inking while watching netlflix".  I Have a confession to make.. I write quite a bit of my stuff while having old programs running on my other computer as well.. MASH, Big Bang theory are my favs.. (Good Day Mail)

And now for some outgoing.  This one is headed off to Misty, I told her I would be sending her some garbage from Macworld.  I have a tendency to collect all of the freebies and this should do till I really start digging into my stash of stuff from previous years. (Pen-Thief).  I Made use of one of the "iPad2" cases Omni was giving away.

And the last one for the day goes to Margy, who is having a contest with me to see who can write the most pages in one letter (I'm leading with 6) (LWA).

Well if most of you haven't figured out where I have found most of my pen-pals try Good Mail Day and LWA.  To get a letter/post card try sending one.  You might meet some of the nicest people you'll never meet.

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