Tuesday, January 10, 2012

To Fire:

This one has nothing to do with mail, notebooks, pens or anything else.  This is a.. hmm.. well something I need to write to get it off my chest and hopefully let it go just a little bit.

This is about a dog.  This is about an 11+ year old Chessie named Fire.  This is about my true friend, my couch buddy, my separator of the adults in a king sized bed.  In short this is about my companion.

Fire came to us in mid 2009 when I lost another named Jake.  Jake left us as he had sudden onset diabetes that when symptoms showed it was already to late he was 9.

When Jake passed I waited a week and started looking for another chessie.  I had ALWAYS had 2 dogs in my house.. always.  And being one who has had 2 dogs and having one pass the other is usually lost and in need of companionship as well.  This was truly the case here as Jake and Charlie (his buddy) were paired up within a month of each other and had never been apart.

While looking all over California and the west coast for a pup, I came upon Sandy Oak Chesapeakes and Kathy Miller.  While Kathy didn't have any pups at the time she did have one of her older dogs she was trying to place into a chessie home.  While I was hesitant, I made arrangements to come and visit with the family.  We went home +1.

Kaylee (daughter) was 2and a half years old at the time and REALLY missed Jake.  Jake was her buddy.  He slept in front of her door every night and followed her everywhere.  Kaylee's first word was not mommy or daddy but Yake. (Kim to this day still mentions that and not in a good way).

When Kaylee met Fire, that was it.  Her first response is Fire is coming home with us right?  Yes she is.

So with that Fire came home.

Now Kaylee being 2 and a half wanted to make sure that Fire was comfy in her new home.  You see Fire was never allowed on the furniture before and that isn't exactly our style with the family pets.

Fire needed to have some sleeping buddies and her own blanket.

And later Kaylee.

They went for walks

Passed out together

Fire let herself get buried in leaves 

But the one thing this old lady was really good at was being loved.

We lost Fire this past weekend.  A week and 4 days later I am still trying to forget.

For some reason, the dog I had less than 2 years was closer to me than animals I have had for their entire lives.  She was constantly with me.  She slept by my side of the bed, or in between Kim and I on the bed (you know theres a problem when your dog puts her back into you and pushes your wife away with all four feet), she stayed by me while I was sick and had surgery.  She was my companion and for that 2 years I will always be grateful.  While I sit here and write this I still look at the floor every once in awhile and see nothing there where she should be.

So those of you who read this and think this guy loved his dog more than his wife.  Never.  But there is an old joke that the men folk will relate to.  

"if you ever wonder who has the more unconditional love for you, put your spouse and your dog in the trunk of the car for one hour.  When you open it, who's still happy to see you?"

On a good note.  We have Martha.  Fires granddaughter.  Martha is now 6 months old and spent the past 4 months with Fire.  I would like to think that maybe the old lady told her how to act and how to be a true lady.  We shall see.  Right now she is a puppy and acts as a puppy should.. Goofy.

So with that I will now say good-bye to a true friend.  You will be missed..

Ch. SandyOak Webfoot Hearts Afire CGC "Fire"
October 20, 2001 - January 7, 2012


  1. Dang it, Derrick! I knew it. I just knew you were gonna make me cry some more. I am so sorry for your loss. That sounds trite, and I hate hearing it on television and reading it in books, but it's hard to come by truer words. I am sorry for your and your baby girl's loss. For your family's loss.

    I can't go on. Will come back some other time.

    Be well.

  2. Limner, I do not consider any thought of condolences trite. The simple act of putting your thoughts down is more than most and is appreciated.

    Nice bonus last night, went into the bedroom and the puppy was up there in Grandmas spot. In fact she has taken over all of Fires haunts in the same places (smells). It is comforting.

  3. I'm so sorry about your loss... Fire was a beautiful dog. I love the pictures of her with Kaylee...

  4. Your images pay homage to Fire. :) Mr. D. you have a lovely daughter. Such rosy cheeks!

  5. I know the deep love, friendship and connection I have for and with my dog, and I can't bear the thought of losing him ever. My thoughts are with you and your family!