Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Out into the wild

So I have started in ernest sending out large quantities of postcards and letters.  Most of my creation, and some not so much.

I have a love of older vintage cards which has led me to making my own, as buying them has become very costly at the antique places around town.

This is one of the "found at the boutiques" in the area.  Got lucky as this was one of the 4/$1 bunch. It went to a post crosser in Sweden.

While this is one of my "made" while looking for some books on Cursive Writing

Some of you may have started to get some of my Mr. Zip cards already and a few of you should have (Limner) received some of my "vintage" cards I put together with graphics I found on one of my favorite authors website.  They offered the templates for free for marketing purposes.

I have to admit that when I started looking into the letter writing and postcard exchanges, I was more than hesitant to freely post my address with thoughts of prisoners scanning the websites looking for suckers.  Some of the sites I visited almost wreaked of that kind of vibe as well.  Then I stumbled on Good Mail Day and Missive Maven which led to a slough of very nice blogs and turns out VERY nice people.  I have made it a daily pilgrimage to keep up with the blogs (Oh Write Me!, Confessions of a Pen-Thief, Just Letter Rip and others).  

While Post Crossing and Swap-bot are quite fun it's the letters I have recieved that have been the most enriching and fun to explore.  I have received only 4 letters to date and these 2 are by far the most enjoyable in the look of the envelope (still trying to get that one down to where I'm truly happy) and the content.

This one is from Patti (Just letter Rip)

And this is the one I have passed around the office today.  While simplistic in that the envelope is a single 12x12 sheet, the contents are LOVELY.  The writing was done in full calligraphy.  The kind of letter that makes you want to go out and LEARN calligraphy. 

While this all started out as an endeavor to show my child where other live and how to communicate with a send it and wait for a response in our "get it now" world.  I have become a bit obsessed.  OK a bit more that a bit. (little more than a bit is a middle bit?)

Well, I just received an order with some new artwork, so off to make some more postcards and do some more research to add facts to the artwork..  To those of you who have received my postcards you know what I'm taking about.  To those of you who have not.. Just request one.  I've got the cards and the stamps, won't be but a few days :)


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