Saturday, January 21, 2012

Of Strange Surroundings and Stranger People

Well I ventured out today to the Capital Paper Show in Sacramento.  Never having been to such a gathering I went with high expectations.  Would I find some really cool ephemera?  Would I find that perfect post card for my favorite pen-pals?  Would I find anything at all that I could use?

What I found was this.  It's a nice place to visit, but WHOA!  I wouldn't want to stay there.

Due to budgetary contraints (sounds like most states :) I had to stay to the cheap bins.  the 10/$1.00, or 4/$1.  I came home pretty well loaded.  I did find a few cards I just had to have but when the cash I brought was gone, so was I.  See this is like going to the Casino.  Don't bring more than you can lose.

And like the casino, you will find the folks that hover over the slot machines.  You know the kind that never leave that ONE machine, that wait all day for the waitress with the pushed up *@%$, and unnaturally small waist to keep bringing you free drinks, the folks who frankly could use a little more sunlight.

Most of the folks I saw there follow these shows from town to town.  Why, I don't know because the same dealers are there every time (I asked) and carry the same stuff with some new drops in their inventory every now and then (estate sales).

The look I got from most of the "collectors" when I told them I was going to me mailing everything I was buying was nothing short of pure horror.  To most of these folks this is a SERIOUS endeavor.

Will I go to another show?  Sure, I found some really neat cards.  Those of you who have received some of mine know the style of cards that I like to purchase/make and send out.  For the most part older vintage or humorous cards.

Here are some of the highlights of my trip today.

This one will be going to one of my readers.  Hmmm wonder who?

I have a very nice pen-pal I met on Swap-bot that will be getting this one.

This reminds me of a spotted owl incident in Washington.  Inside joke.

I found a few in this line.  I'll post a few more later this week.

This is one of two I purchased that actually had been sent.  I will be reproducing this one as it's out of copyright and just to good to leave here.  A little clean up will be needed.

And one of my favorites from today. and one of the most expensive ones I bought $3 (hey I said I was tight on money)

So again, sure I'll go to another show (August).  Mainy because I can't find this kind of selection at the antique mall and the dealers are actually willing to haggle. Which one of us old farts doesn't like to haggle?  Hmm..  So will you take 3 oranges and this bazooka joe wrapper for those 2 cards, and I get to keep the gum!


  1. Wrote your reply today - Hopefully it has a speedy trip!
    Happy Mailing
    - Rin @ Papered Thoughts

  2. I just started reading your blog. Those are some pretty cool postcards.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Hoping to get some new stuff soon. I have been lacking in my scans/photos of late.

  3. This pics are pretty good